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We Thrive with Help from Our Friends


The Foundation's work is only as powerful as the support it receives from the Haslett community. We are fortunate to be part of a school district filled with people who value education and have talents and skills that can help us make the unimaginable possible for our students.

While the Board leads these efforts, we need our Friends to help.

Friends of the Foundation set their availability and level of commitment while providing valuable contributions to committees, events, and other efforts to support our teachers and students. And if our Friends find that supporting the Foundation in this role isn’t enough, there are opportunities to become a full-fledged Board member!


Anyone can become a Friend of the Foundation! The only requirement is having an interest in supporting our schools and our mission of “funding beyond the fundamentals.” Maybe you are a recent graduate wanting to give back. Maybe you have a student currently in the district or will soon. Maybe your Vikings have recently finished their time in Haslett schools – often, our Friends start helping after their students have graduated, hoping to provide the same nurturing experience to the next generation. Maybe you retired from the Haslett Public Schools and wish to stay involved by sharing your expertise and deep knowledge of our schools. Perhaps you don't have a direct connection, but you just want to help. No matter your specific motivation, we welcome you!


Our Friends bring a variety of skills to the Foundation’s work, and we need them all to make our efforts the best they can be. Our main purpose is to raise money so that we can fund the many great initiatives that teachers and staff bring before us that are not currently in the regular school budget. We also marketers, event planners, community connectors, alumni outreachers and more.  And our Friends help in so many ways, such as staffing a welcome table at Open House or Homecoming, helping collect contact information for past graduates, assisting with messaging on social media, and providing technical expertise for our digital efforts. We are always on the lookout for Friends who can help us enthusiastically communicate our message and further our mission. Every little bit helps!


That is entirely up to you! We appreciate any help you’re willing to offer – in the community or from the comfort of your home. Our events are Haslett-based, but we often collaborate over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, and some of our individual contributions can even be completed from a cozy couch. If you would rather make a financial contribution to support our general fund or a specific event we are sponsoring - we welcome that as well! Whether you have an hour per week, per month, or just here and there we have a place for you! Tell us how much you would like to be involved, and we will offer opportunities that fit your skills and preferences.

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