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special allocations

Every year, the Foundation sets aside over $10,000 in special allocations to support various repeat programs at all our school buildings. 

Author in Residence (2022 Jonathan Rand).jpg

author in residence

This special allocation offers grants to each elementary school to support a biennial visit from a well-known children's author. 

Dear Foundation Members and Friends,

On behalf of all of us at Ralya, I want to extend a huge thank you for making the spring author visit by Johnathan Rand possible. Students were absolutely thrilled to see him--and his presentation was lively and engaging. One of the best moments was when he asked students how many enjoy reading and nearly every hand in the gymnasium popped up! 


Mr. Rand entertained students with fun stories about how he got his first job in college--in radio broadcast--because he knew how to read well and how to write well. He also encouraged students to remember that "Reading is not something you do, it is a place you go." He also explained that book covers are really just doors leading you to the next great adventure.


Please enjoy the photos attached (including one where he's teaching students to do the Spooky Laugh), and thank you again for your support!


Jen Garmon
Ralya Elementary Media Specialist


P.S. I've been asked whether Mr. Rand ever removed his spooky glasses--and yes, he did! Believe it or not, he looks like a regular adult without those glasses!

mileage club

In 2023, both Ralya and Murphy Elementaries lost their Mileage Sponsorships due to the discontinued funding from another entity, so the Foundation stepped in to ensure that over 800 of our students had the ability to continue participating in this well-loved activity.

Mileage Club Ralya_edited.png

Proud Sponsor

Students can choose to purchase Proud Sponsor books for 1/3 of the cost from our elementary libraries. One third of the book cost is funded by the Foundation, and the last third of the book is funded by the elementary PTOs. At the time of purchase, the Media Specialist takes the child's picture and checks the book out to the child. Proud sponsor pictures are posted throughout the libraries.

Dear Members of the Foundation for Haslett Schools,


Thank you so much for your financial support of the Proud Sponsor of Library Books program at Ralya. So far this year, almost 40 families have participated! 

Please see the pictures attached to get an idea of the variety of books being added, along with some of the faces of the students who have selected books.

Our Ralya Readers love this program, and we appreciate your enthusiasm for our library!

Thank you again,
Jen Garmon
Ralya Library Coordinator

Principal Fund

The Foundation gives each building principal $500.00.  The fund enables principals to purchase needed items for the classroom or specific students. 

High School Friends
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