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Harmonizing Haslett’s Music Curriculum: Modern Music Education for our District.

In a world where technology evolves ever so rapidly and cultural diversity is in everyone’s best interest, the role of education must also adapt to meet the needs of our community. 

“Music is its own literacy,” says Murphy’s music teacher Elia Reif. Music is regarded as a universal language and has the power to bridge gaps and foster inclusivity. 

Recognizing this potential, Wilkshire Early Childhood Center music teacher Claire Peterson looked for a way to bring extra curriculum into the Haslett School District. She learned about Music Play Online through a Continuing Education course she attended on her own time. With the grant from the Foundation for Haslett Schools, our schools purchases the Music Play Online curriculum, and last week, Mrs. Reif, Mrs. Peterson, and Mallory Voris (Ralya) connected to discuss how they will integrate modern technology and multicultural lessons from the curriculum into their classes. Their music classes serve every single student at Wilkshire, Murphy and Ralya every other day of the week.

Embracing Technological Advancements

"We are still teaching with instruments but adding a digital component so it is more in modern terms," said Mrs.Reif. Traditionally, music education has relied on conventional teaching methods, such as sheet music and paper booklets. However, the new digital curriculum will allow for students to work in the same medium as they do for math or reading. 

These technological advancements make learning more engaging and widen the content teachers have available right at their fingertips. Students will explore a range of content including Programs and Musicals, Music Theory, Careers in Music, Dance and Movement, and Festivals and Holidays. This curriculum also allows teachers to give access codes for students to use at home. “It looks the exact same as in the classroom so students can share with families and strengthen that home-school connection," said Mallory Voris.

Cultivating Cultural Awareness

From a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) perspective, Voris was especially happy with how the curriculum showcases countries and cultures from around the world all in the exact same way. This approach ensures that cultural representation is respectful and authentic, avoiding stereotypes or misappropriation. By incorporating multicultural lessons, music teachers not only broaden students' musical horizons but also promote empathy, respect, and global citizenship.


In alignment with The Foundation for Haslett Schools’ mission to enrich the educational experiences of our students and to support the efforts of teachers and staff, we are proud to contribute to this exciting advancement in the district’s music curriculum. The teachers’ initiative to modernize music curriculum through the integration of technology and multicultural lessons marks a significant step forward in our school district. 

As the teachers continue to embrace these changes and innovate in their classrooms, the impact of this initiative will ripple across the community, fostering the ability to bridge divides, celebrate diversity, and create a more harmonious world. 

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