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MusicPlayOnline: Transforming Music Education

In a remarkable collaboration between the Foundation and the music teachers at Murphy, Ralya, and Wilkshire schools, the Foundation for Haslett Schools awarded a MusicPlayOnline grant. The results are in! The grant brought about exciting changes at all three of the elementary buildings, where students have been engaging with music in a fun and interactive way.

Since the implementation of MusicPlayOnline, music teachers are seeing significant improvements in music literacy and aural recognition. These two National Standards in music education are crucial for students' musical development. Through the platform's engaging videos and games, students have been able to enhance their understanding of music theory and develop their listening skills. The challenging nature of the activities has motivated students to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.

One of the key advantages of MusicPlayOnline is its compatibility with chromebooks, allowing older students to have extended practice sessions. Through a variety of games and assessments, students can reinforce their musical knowledge and skills independently. This feature has proven to be immensely valuable, especially when a guest teacher is present. Even in the absence of the music teacher, students can continue their musical learning, ensuring a consistent educational experience.

Benny, a student at Ralya, expressed his enthusiasm for MusicPlayOnline, saying, "I like that the videos and games are a hard challenge." This demonstrates how the platform has not only engaged students but also provided them with a sense of accomplishment and motivation to tackle challenging musical concepts.

Bailey, another student, shared her delight, stating, "It's really funny when the game says OOPS!" This highlights the interactive and entertaining nature of MusicPlayOnline, making the learning process enjoyable for students while they explore the world of music.

The MusicPlayOnline grant provided by the Haslett Foundation has brought about transformative changes in music education in our schools. The platform's engaging videos, challenging games, and chromebook accessibility have significantly contributed to improved music literacy and aural recognition. Moreover, the ability for students to continue learning even during guest teaching sessions has been a valuable asset.

If you want to support music education in the district and be a part of the positive impact on students' musical journeys, show your support by donating to the Foundation here:

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